Diving into What's Possible: Explore Our Sublimation Capabilities

Sublimation is a fantastic way to create vibrant, eye-catching designs, but there are a few things you should know:

  1. Material Matters: To get the best results, we need to use 100% white polyester fabric. Sublimation adds color by infusing ink into the material, so starting with white ensures those colors really pop. If we use anything else, the image might look a bit dull or faded.
  2. Finished Items Only: We specialize in sublimating finished items, not fabric panels. This works great for things like tank tops, running singlets, towels, and mugs. However, for T-shirts, we can't print under the armpits. This isn't an issue for patterned designs, but for solid colors, the underarms will remain white, which might look a bit off.
  3. Our Equipment: We use a large-format printer that can handle prints up to 62 inches wide and a heat press that's 38 inches by 58 inches. These tools help us bring your designs to life within these size limits.

We're excited to help you create unique and personalized items with our sublimation services!

Some cool things we've done:

Custom running singlets

This is 90% why we invested in sublimation. A-lot of our clients were requesting a faster turn around time then ordering singlets overseas and with lower order min.

Our min is just 6pcs and we can customize names on each one as long as the overall design doesnt change. Very quick turn around time and a great running singlet, breathable and lightweight.

Beach and workout towels

The other 30% of the reason (just a test to see if you read the above stat, who does the math around here??) we invested in sublimation was for towels. Since each one is made custom it is economical for us to be able to customize them with names and phrases.

Custom Patches

Something cool is mixing sublimation with embroidery. When a logo has a-lot of detail, embroidery might not be the best method, BUT we can sublimate that part of the patch and add embroidery in parts to make the logo pop.

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