When you need something custom/bespoke we can help. Here are a few common services we offer

Re-size tagging

Probably the easiest way to make your product stand out is by removing the manufacturer tag and printing your size tag in its place. Sometimes the manufacturer of the blank item makes this easy on us by using a tear away tag but most of the time we have to get create on removing the old tag but we are up for the challenge! (side note: we actually uploaded a different picture of these old tags for this section just for your viewing pleasure!)

Sewing in custom size tags

For hoodies, crews, sweats, printing new sizes on the inside is not ideal so we split the seams of the item, and attach your custom woven size tag inside and re-sew it. Yes it takes longer but gives a super clean look and makes it look like you manufactured the item!

Sewing woven hem tags

2nd thing you can do to elevate your brand is by sewing a hem tag onto the shirt/hoodie. Gives a very custom look and you dont have to put it on the bottom of the shirt either. Could be creative and have us sew it on the end of the sleeve or on the back of the neck. And they dont have to be taco tags either, they could be flat squares/rectangles that get sewn on.

Hard to sew things

We didnt know how to phrase this section so calling it like it is. Things that are hard to sew. Some examples are sewing huge chenille patches on the back of hoodie hoods. Or arm patches on a crew neck sleeve. These are hard to reach areas and take a special machine but we have it! And we didnt before a customer asked if we could do it, just proving we will go above and beyond to meet your needs!

Hang tags

Another great way to elevate your brand. Attaching hang tags. If you really want to get fancy we can use sticker material for hang tags so that the customer gets a nice surprise and added bonus!

Its hard to list all the custom things we have done over the years for clients but we tried to list the heavy hitters. But its not a closed book. If you have new ideas or custom needs please let us know!

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