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We have all seen something embroidered I think so no need to break down what that is. Its a premium method of decoration that yes costs more but also produces a higher end result.

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The cool thing about embroidery is all the things you can do with it. We break down some below with pics so wont spoil the fun here but its a-lot! One thing to note when you are sourcing a company to do your embroidery projects is, how many "heads" they have. That basically is how many different items can you do at the same time. its the only way to speed up embroidery. We have 8 heads so allows us to do over 80pcs an hour (design depending).

Feel the Difference: The Dynamic Touch of 3D Puff

By far the most popular method of embroidery that we did is 3D puff. It is where we embed foam under the stitches to create a raised effect. We can do this not only on hats but also on sweaters and hoodies too. It does not work so great for T-Shirts since the stitches are so wide but for thicker fabrics its great!

Patchwork Perfection: Custom Appliqué Embroidery Designs

A nice compliment to the above mentioned 3D puff method is applique. This is where we stitch something raised onto the item. This could be an embroidered patch, a leather patch, a chenille patch (pictured) or even combo any of these with normal embroidery.

A note on digitizing

All embroidery designs start with a digitizing artist taking the logo/design and turning it into a format that the machines can read. Basically taking the flat computer image and turning it into needle penetrations.

This is an art form and takes a long time to master and even, without testing, its not always perfect. There are so many variables that come into play like the type of fabric, the amount of stitches, the needles size, the embroidery machines etc etc. So we tested over 20 digitizing companies putting the same design head to head to find the best artist to work with and after a lot of trial and error we landed on a great partner that does great work turning your logos into designs we can use to stitch.

Getting a design turned into stitches is something that costs money so often you will see this charge on an invoice since most shops have to pay it. If the job is big enough we just eat the cost and make it up on volume, just depends on the relationship.

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