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There is just no way for us to have a blanket pricing for all projects, just too many factors. DM us though with info and we can get you a quote quickly. We will say up front that we are not going to be the cheapest quote you receive, but in the print world, you get what you pay for, no one wants shirts with the logo washing off.

Project depending but we shoot for a min of 50 pcs of the same design.

We don't do walk ins and we don't have a formal showroom but we do stock some blank shirts that we print allot if you want to feel something. Just DM us to make an appointment.

We spoke a little about this in our bespoke services section but in short yes we will print a real life proof of your design but its not for everyone. It costs us allot of time/money to set up jobs so we cant do it for everything. We mainly use it for when a brand needs to do a pre-sale on something and needs samples for the talent to wear.

Short answer is no. But sometimes we make exceptions if you have accounts set up with the vendors already but you are really not going to be saving any money and its more of a hassle for you since you will have to handle all the back and forth with them regarding damaged or missing goods. Also we can't be responsible for print failures if we are not the ones that supply the goods.


DM us because we dont post it on the site. Just too many spam calls to deal with.

San Antonio Texas USA!

Strange questions we've been asked

We like to be the behind the scenes printer for brands. I am sure you would not like to see your designs popping up on IG from us so we keep that in mind. That doesnt mean we dont have pics/videos. DM us and we can shoot you some examples!

Hard pass!

We love grandmothers as much as the next person but sorry can't help here.

Was there a question here???Good for your cousin Larry! For sure we recommend going to him :)

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