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Family owned and operated in San Antonio Texas, Custom Printed Materials is your home for nationwide custom apparel decorating and order fulfillment for your brand or company.

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What is your favorite shirt?

Brands we print on

Picking a blank manufacture is very important when it comes to how your brand is perceived by your customer. We are constantly on the hunt for great blanks to offer our customers and stock many samples to send for your approval. Some of the popular brands we print on include:

Order fulfillment

Making quality items is just the start. It's just as important to make sure that your brand's products are delivered to your customers safely and quickly.

We are set up to ship with all the major shipping services for domestic as well as international customers.

We offer branded packing solutions such as logoed tape, box printing, and customer packing inserts.

Too many options to list here, let us know your brand's vision and target audience and we can advise on how to achieve your goals.

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