Sales pitch: What sets us apart

Samples.Have you needed a short run of something for promo pics to get to your talent before a launch but can't commit to a bulk run? We can help! Does this mean we can print 1 of 10 items for a brand new brand for someone that has 50 IG followers? No, sorry, cant help there. But for established brands or if we believe in the vision then for sure!

Our willingness to try new ideas. We know its tough out there being unique, heck its why we dont have a clothing brand, but we are game to help you stand apart and take your crazy ideas and see if we can make it happen. Things like unique print locations, mixing decorating methods, rush orders etc. Give us a shot and see what we can make happen.

Discreetness. Have you used a print shop before only to see the print shop tag you on IG basically telling all your customers where you printed the items? Good news, we dont even post on socials (really, search us and find out). We want to be the behind the scenes company behind your brand.

Services we Offer

Screen Printing

We utilize Water-based screen printing is a technique where water-soluble inks are used to imprint designs onto fabric, resulting in a print that's soft to the touch and seamlessly integrates with the material. Unlike plastisol inks, water-based inks absorb into the fabric, offering a more breathable, eco-friendly option with a vibrant, long-lasting finish.


Everyone loves receiving an embroidered item, its screams quality and attention to detail. We not only use it as a stand alone decorating method but also as a way to upscale screen printed designs. Some other methods we do with embroidery include 3D puff, applique and patches.


Sometimes a project or brand needs custom options that are even hard for us to forcast ahead of time. Maybe the blank you want to use has a sewn in tag that you would like removed and replaced with yours, that is just 1 thing we are able to do to elevate your brand and customer experience.


Are your order is complete, we offer a full range of fulfillment options that make sense for your business model. We can link in with your e-commerce store so that the orders flow to us and they are fulfilled to your specifications. Since we are not one of the "mega" companies, we can offer custom things like throwing in sticker packs with orders etc.

Not all blanks are created equal

These are a few brands that we frequently print on that have exceptional quality. Even if you are not going to partner with us we strongly think you should ask your printer about them

To spend hours browsing catalogs check out these 2 links of a more complete list of brands

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